Window tinting on a boat requires the absolute most durable materials possible. Royal Caribbean had over 500,000 sq/ft of Huper Optik ceramic 40 installed on over 20 of their cruise ships for energy efficiency and comfort. This was completed over 10  years ago and has held true to its track record of reliability.


Imagine, the demand on air conditioning for your boat cabin. Doors opening, direct sun, and high humidity make it a serious challenge. Huper Optik patented ceramic window film is several times more durable than traditional film. It is the only sputter coated multi layered dye free ceramic in the market. This durable and high performing design is a long term value.

Out of any film that we could possibly offer, Huper Optik Ceramic has truly stood the test of time at sea. Its inert design will not fade or easily break down. See the test chart below.

Marine Tinting for Naples and Marco Island FL

Huper Optik C70
Huper Optik Ceramic 70 maintains a clear view while reducing cabin temperature gain by half.
Huper Optik Ceramic
This window film is the only product with a lifetime marine warranty. Boat window tinting by Naples Tint Company.
Huper Optik C70
Upgrade the glass in your sport yacht with ceramic window tint.
Huper Optik C70
All of this glass is covered with the world leading marine ceramic window film. You can clearly see and feel the difference.
Here we are unrolling a full windshield tint on a Galeon 510. This product features class leading performance with a 7 year warranty.
This incredible and invisible window film blocks 55% of the heat. In this picture, we are putting on the final touches to a perfect installation.
Huper Optik C70
You can see the ceramic layers adding a cool look to the glass. This film has three layers of ceramic and a lifetime marine warranty.
Huper Optik C40 & C70
This angle showcases the darker film used on the sliders for glare reduction and privacy. The clear C70 was used on all of the other glass.
Are you struggling to cool your cabin? Consider the highest performing marine grade films, only offered by Naples Tint Company.
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