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Why Huper Optik window film?

Some might ask... Why make the extra investment on window tinting? Is it really worth it? Its simple. Come by and see for yourself! Our heat demonstration clearly maps out the tremendous performance of our Huper Optik window tint. No other shop in Naples FL has a comparable level of heat rejection, clarity, durability, and long term performance. Our window films do not just simply absorb heat with dyes or reflect it with metals.

Huper Optik ceramic window tint is the only 100% dye and metal free multi layered ceramic in the market. This technology was pioneered by Huper Optik and has not been duplicated in its 16 year existance. It will retain its performance no matter what the conditions are.

Naples Florida has a very hot and humid climate. Other film technology simply can not get the job done or last as long.

When the sun shines directly on you through the glass, you should not feel the heat. If you do, come see us. Have us show you a better film!

Window tinting Naples, FL. Window tint Naples.

Naples Tint Company 239-571-9551

1040 Collier Center Way #7

Naples, FL 34110

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