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Exterior window film Naples FL

Sometimes the best option is to mount an extremely durable exterior window film on your commercial glass. The following are great reasons why:

1. Limited access from the inside

2. The window is already tinted in color and you want to create privacy.

3. The glass is already tinted and you want to reject the maximum amount of heat possible.

4, The window is a low-e impact glass and you have limited options that are safe for the unit.

All are great applications for the exterior film. Plus our Hanita Tek XTRM series is the only window film in the Naples, FL area with a 10 year warranty. Most interior window films can barely last that long, this is outside in the elements! Its special construction makes it ultimately durable unlike any conventional window film. The Hanita Tek XTRM is much thicker and more rigid than regular window tinting.

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