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How to remove window tint

Call us! That's the easy way. Otherwise, you will need a few things. One of them will be patience. If you have decided to remove the window tinting from your home, its not too big of a project. If you are trying to remove window tint from your car, that can be a tough one. Car window tint is hard to remove properly without damaging the rear defroster. We have an expensive steamer that allows us to remove the film safely. Might want to call a pro for your car window tint removal.

For the home, you will need soap, water, squirt bottle, and a hand held scraper. I recommend a trip to home depot. You can also get their orange HDX degreaser to help soften up the glue.

What to do?

1. Start with the razor scraper shown below and get an edge lifted. Then pull the tint and rip the film off the glass. The window film will usually rip into smaller sections, were you will need the razor many times to keep the film coming off the glass. Don't worry about the glue at this moment. The main goal is to get the plastic film off the glass first.

2. Once you have everything pulled off the glass, glue will be left all over. This you can soak with soapy water or degreaser. The liquid will soften the glue and make it workable. I recommend soaking it and waiting a few minutes. This will be time for you to start on another window. Keep the glue wet as possible. Any dry spots in the glue will just smear verses clean off.

3. Get a fresh razor blade and scrape the glue off. Remember, keep the glue soaked!

4. Tired yet? Call Naples Tint Company 239-571-9551. We are very reasonable and can remove your window film safely and leave your glass looking new again.

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