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How much should window tinting cost?

Yes, we are trying to help you with this question! Its really interesting in the Florida window tint market. You will find a tremendous range of prices for window tinting. The window film products are also diverse. I've seen as low as $3 per square foot and up to $20 per square foot. Its definitely apples and oranges. On the low end, you never know whats really going on the window and if there is a problem they may not be able to afford to make it right. Some window tinters have been caught using empty boxes from a top name brand and sticking cheap film inside.

The price for window tinting has to consider the following items:

1. Proper business operating expenses. A legitimate licensed and insured company will have certifications from the window film manufacturer. They will be properly equipped to safely handle the installation and have all the necessary coverage to handle any incident. A true stable company that will be around for a while has a retail office space. This adds an amount to the overall price, but in turn adds the value of a stable company that will be there for you years to come.

2. Product. This is major here. You could pay a lot for a little. I've seen the cheapest tinting product being sold for a high price. The best thing you can do is research it on your own a little. Try to find some outside opinions with search phrases like "3M vs Huper Optik". All of the lower priced window film products are very simple in design. The higher priced products are very advanced, patented, and will be 100% unique in the market. If you can find the value behind those, it will serve you the best results in your home. A really good window tinting film will last for many years and perform very well without diminishing your view.

3. Free estimates. In order to offer free estimates, a company has to commit the time to consult with every single customer and drive out to provide samples and measure. This adds to the overall cost for the business, however it is a great value to the customer. Its easy to throw a low number out over the phone, but it doesn't give the window tinting company a chance to properly asses the situation and make the correct recommendations.

4. Installation and Customer service. Usually a higher price also translates to a more professional company. One that will follow up after the sale and immediately address any concerns. Ask for references. Try to find a company that will take pride in their installation technique so that the window film looks like it came with the glass. A low low priced window tint install might not have the clean cuts and contamination free installations. We have seen creases and big gaps on poor installations. First check the references and look at online reviews when considering any window tinting company. This is another great added value to consider.

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