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What are the window tinting laws in Florida?

Hello again! One of the first things to consider when tinting the windows on your vehicle is the legal limit. It is against the traffic law to have your windows tinted darker than a certain amount.

The police will use a tool called a light meter to measure the amount of light that is transmitted through the glass. This tool will measure the total darkness of the film and the glass. This is important to know because your glass has a slight tint to it and will add to the overall reading. The law states 28% on the front windows in Florida. If you have 30% tint plus 75% darkness in the glass, it will measure below the limit.

Therefore, when considering what level of darkness, you have to account for the glass pushing that number down about 3-5% or more. If you install 35%, it will usually meter around 30-32%.


Front Doors - Must allow more than 28% light transmission

Rear Doors - Must allow more than 15% light transmission

Rear Windshield - Must allow more than 15% light transmission

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