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Window Tint with design and color

It is really exciting to release the addition of colored window films! It started with a small house project that we will be completing on Thursday. A customer requested a specific color of window film that we did not stock. With some research, I was able to acquire a full line of colored window tint with a 10 year warranty. The company that supplies this window film, has been installing it in Florida for over 30 years! The product is made very well and the colors are stable.

There are so many great ideas that can stem from this great window film selection. We have a computer cutting machine that can create amazing designs with different colored layers. The future is bright!

Some applications are:

1. Stores

2. Business offices

3. Doctors offices

4. Schools

5. Hotels

6. Homes

7. Custom cars

8. Glass cabinets

9. Restaurants

10. Museums

Colored window films

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