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Custom glass window films and decorative window tinting

If you are considering sand blasting, custom glass, privacy glass, or frosted glass; think about us. We can very easily retrofit your existing clear glass with a custom film at a fraction of the cost. Our computer system can produce a sand blasted design out of our frost film for about 25% of the cost or less. The process of replacing your bathroom glass with any kind of custom privacy glass is very high in cost and disruptive to install. Instead of going through a construction process inside your home, we come by with a very clean, fast, and quiet operation. The jobs are usually done in an hour or two without any mess. The best part is that this is not permanent. If you go to sell your property and a potential buyer does not like the design, it can be removed!

We also have colored films that we can computer cut and design. Endless possibilities.

Think about us if you need:

Bathroom Privacy

Shower Enclosure Privacy

Entrance Door Privacy

Sidelight Privacy

Frosted Window Film

Custom Glass Window Tinting

Office Privacy and Design

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