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HOA Compliant window tinting for a home or condo

Hi and good evening! Something to immediately consider when doing any modification to your home or condo, are the guidelines set by your HOA or deed restrictions. Its easy to overlook and start a project without approval. The results can be a fine and the removal of the work you paid for! Most condos will have a list of approved window tinting films, and sometimes these films haven't been properly sold and explained. Its not uncommon for the list to be dramatically different in appearance from the outside and low in quality. We would be more than happy to explain and demonstrate the difference.

Huper Optik makes the absolute best window film options for a home or condo owner seeking relief from the harmful effects of the sun without changing the look of the windows. The best window films from Huper Optik are completely non reflective. All of our products pass the test of the home owner associations. They will not change the look of the home or condo from the exterior or interior. In fact, its really hard to detect the film once it is installed. This window tinting has the highest definition clarity in the market. The lack of any haze or distortion makes it as clear as the glass it goes on.

Depending on your selection, you can have a slight tinted color to the window or none at all. Most glass has a slight color or low-e coating that is sufficient enough to hide any trace of our film.

At Naples Tint Company, we have installed at various condos and homes in the following areas:

Marco Island



Bonita Springs

Fort Myers Beach


Cape Coral

Punta Gorda

Pine Island

HOA Compliant condo tinting

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