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  • Matt Sandherr

Removal and installation of window tint Marco Island, FL

Our customer today initially called us to remove old and faded window tint from their condo. It is a service that we offer at Naples Tint Company to restore the view and dispose of distorted window film. However, your glass has window tint for a reason. This condo has a direct western exposure and a tremendous afternoon solar heat gain. The single pane glass offers no protection against this heat, the glare, and the damaging UV rays. Once we removed the film, we upgraded the glass with Huper Optik Ceramic.

The Results:

The installation of Huper Optik Ceramic 30 instantly upgraded the glass with:

86% Infrared Heat Rejection

99.9% UV Block

62% Glare Reduction

Now the afternoon sun can be enjoyed. No longer will they have to close off the beautiful ocean view with a wall of curtains.

Marco Island offers a demanding environment for window film. The customer can rely on its patented dye and metal free construction for a lifetime of comfort.

No dyes = No Fading.

No metals = No corrosion or mirrored look.

Ceramic = Thermally stable heat rejection for the longest lasting performance in the industry

Clarity = Glass will look like new and distortion and haze free.

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