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Which window tint is the best?

Who has the best window tint? Which brand is the best window tint brand? These are questions we ask on an ongoing basis.

What is the best possible product that Naples Tint Company could sell?

How long will it last? How will it look? How will it perform?

So many factors go into making a great window film:


UV inhibitors/absorbers

Sputter Coated Performance Layers

High grade optically clear polyester substrates

Durable scratch coat

Overall Film Clarity/Haze

Lower Reflective Appearance

At Naples Tint Company, we test and install new films and different brands on a regular basis. This is an research and development part of our business model. We want to know as much as we can to bring the very best to the table. It is our objective to rule out all of the inferior products for you. We could sell and install regular window film, however we choose to seek out the best. This process has delivered some incredible film technologies.

Naples Tint Company has:

The highest performing ceramic window tint in the world

The highest performing non ceramic window tint in the market

The highest performing window tint in the world

Instead of choosing a "GOOD, BETTER, BEST" strategy, we have the "BEST, BEST, BEST" lineup. Naples Tint Company is the only Huper Optik and Wincos dealer in Collier and Lee County.

Other things to consider when choosing a window tint company:

1. Climate Controlled Shop - Clean and dust free to ensure a quality application of window film

2. Great Product - Very high quality and high performance to yield the best results

3. Customer service - Great reputation and online reviews to showcase a quality experience

4. Warranty - A lifetime color stable nation wide warranty with additional NO FAULT coverage

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