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  • Dylan Snyder

Want to Save Money in Style? Consider Window Film

Quality window film provides privacy, adds beauty, and helps increase energy efficiency for a home. Residential window film may be tinted, feature layers to protect the glass from impacts, and even have different designs to create a stylish look for a room. Window films of all types can be installed on a variety of residential windows, from a bank of living room windows that receive the full afternoon sun to a set of patio doors in need of a privacy shield.

Decorative film makes it easy and affordable to change the look of a room by updating to the look of etched, frosted, or even elegant stained glass windows. Solar window film works to reduce UV rays, glare, and heat, acting as an insulator. When considering window film for a home, four important benefits stand out.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Plain glass windows without any type of covering allow streams of natural sunlight into the home while providing open views to outdoor scenery. However, those rays of sun also bring in additional heat, affecting the interior temperature. Huper Optik is an optically clear, non-reflective film that blocks a significant amount of heat and not the view. Not only is your home more comfortable, it is more energy efficient with window film. How much you save depends on how much shade your home gets, its location/orientation, and the type of film you use. A window film expert can determine the most important areas and then recommend the type of window film to best suit your rooms/glass type. When considering window films to improve a home's energy efficiency be sure to check with the state for tax rebates and local utility companies for additional rebate/incentive programs for homeowners.

Increased Privacy

Maybe the home's entrance door has a clear, glass window that allows in ample light but not enough privacy. A decorative custom window film offers the ideal solution; privacy without curtains or window treatments. When blinds can't be installed on sliding patio doors, window film works to provide the desired privacy. Films also can be used on clear glass shower doors, an affordable solution for creating more privacy without having to spend money on custom glass.

Add Style and Beauty

Replacing individual windows or glass doors to update the look of a home can be expensive. Decorative window films can fit the budget better while offering an array of stylish options to make your home stand out in a great way. Homeowners may opt to fit a transom window with an etched glass design to add to the room's overall aesthetic, while a round, portal-style window may benefit from a patterned window film. Bathrooms can receive both privacy and style without using blinds that often block the natural light.

Reduce Fading and Intrusion of Harmful UV Rays

With this advanced window film, expect to block 99-percent of harmful UV rays. Blocking these UV rays means the home's furnishings, especially upholstery and high-end area rugs, are less likely to suffer fading over time.

New advanced window films offer high performance without ever creating that annoying reflective, mirrored look. A multi-layered, dye and metal free film not only reduces the undesired effects of the sun, but it is about 25 times more durable than conventional window film. It accomplishes this without diminishing the view or changing the look of your house (HOA compliant).

Residential window film can be installed on single and double-pane windows, impact glass, and low-e windows – so the possibilities are nearly limitless.

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