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Free Tesla Charging

Naples Tint Company is evolving its offerings to become VERY Tesla friendly in Naples, Florida. We are making the upgrades to offer a full charge within 4 hours. This complimentary full battery is on us and included with all window film installations. A second part of this process includes working with a few new suppliers to bring accessories to our showroom. Soon we will have screen protectors and floor mats for the new Model 3 available for purchase.

With all of the glass used in these advanced electric vehicles, ceramic window film can make a significant improvement to your comfort and lifestyle. We offer three different lines of ceramic window film with a lifetime transferable nationwide no fault warranty. Our precision installation features a gap free edge for that factory installed look.

Tesla Model X - We have solutions for the windshield, front doors, and beyond. You may select any combination or single out one problem area. Full windshield tinting with one seamless piece of film. Naples Tint has multiple shades and technologies.

Tesla Model S - This original flagship vehicle fits into our traditional sedan pricing and we can outfit the glass with conventional to exotic. We have examples of every film on this car.

Tesla Model 3 - We have the most variety available for this car now. Pick a film for the sides to start, add an option for the back window, then consider one of our windshield solutions for an ultimate heat rejection package. Soon we will have a mesh screen insert available for the sunroof.

Ceramic window tint options for Tesla vehicles :

Autobahn Black Ceramic : A deep charcoal film with a single layer of ceramic for optimal clarity and mid range performance.

Autobahn i3 Ceramic : A deep charcoal film with multiple ceramic layers for heat rejection beyond most of the market

Huper Optik Ceramic : Sputter coated ceramic layers on clear film for a top tier of efficiency with class leading optics and durability.

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