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Tesla Preferred Window Film Installers

Here at Naples Tint Company, we specialize in taking great care of your Tesla and offer the best film for your Tesla. All Tesla's are hand cut to have precise fitment and no gapping on the frameless doors. We are capable of full windshield tints on all Tesla models including the Model X windshield as well as the entire rear glass on the Model 3.

We properly protect and cover the exterior and interior of your Tesla so there are no water stains from the slip solution used to install the film. While your Tesla is being tinted it will also be charging with our free Tesla charger.

Please click the link below to read about Autobahn Automotive Window Film and how it is the best film for your Tesla. Autobahn Window Film:

Please call us for any other questions or information.

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Eddy Smith
Eddy Smith
16 de mai.

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