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Common questions & Things to consider before 

getting your windows tinted

I do not want a dark window film, but I'm concerned that a light window tinting will not keep us cool.


- Thanks to the advancement of ceramic, precious metals, and manufacturing technology, our window films are spectrally selective. Our products target the unwanted heat and uv without reducing the visible light. Our lightest product is undetectable on the glass, safe for impact windows, and blocks 55% of the solar energy. You do not have to sacrifice your view to protect yourself from the sun.


I have very expensive impact windows. I heard that window tinting can crack the glass. Is this true and how can we feel safe moving forward?


- This is absolutely true. The wrong window film will absorb excessive solar energy into the impact layers. This can become inefficient and harmful to the window. Impact glass is made up of laminated layers of glass. If the wrong film is placed on the inside this may overheat one of the layers causing it to expand too rapidly. 


Good news. We use the latest in glass detection technology and will run a scan of your window for film approval. Our most popular product is non reflective and very light. It is 100% approved for impact glass. We tint impact glass on a regular basis. We also have exterior films that are approved and will safely darken the window from the outside without affecting the glass at all. 


I already have window tint. It doesn't block much heat. How can I be sure that new film will be any better?


- Great question. How would anybody know without proper testing equipment? Naples Tint Company has a full spectrum analysis tool. We take a sample of what you have and show you exactly how much more heat our new film will block. Also, this gives us a great opportunity to discover exactly how dark and reflective your current tint is. Then we can make a recommendation or two that will improve your situation and change your perception of window tinting. We discover that many homes have a very basic and older technology in place. Typically, we can double the performance and improve the view dramatically.


I don't want to buy any blinds. Can you tint it in a way that gives us privacy?


- Yes and no. Window tint that is reflective facing out and darker than 30% will give you 100% daytime privacy. However, at night there is no way to stop light from shining back outside the window at night. Therefore, when it is brighter on the inside than the outside, all privacy is lost. We have a wide variety of custom and decorative films for 100% privacy.


Will it really last? I see a lot of failed window film and do not want to pay for this twice.


- Not all things are created equal. There are many different ways to manufacture window film and several different adhesive systems available. It is our mission to use the absolute best materials in the industry. We continue to test and research our product lines to ensure the best selections are made available to you. Everything we carry has lifetime manufacturer warranty coverage.


How big of a difference will it make? I need a miracle


- It is amazing how much heat pours into regular windows with a direct sun exposure. It's hard to conceive that a thin film will block all of that heat. Everyday glass is usually clear or colored. This does nothing to address the heat and UV. Only low-e coated glass will contain heat reflective properties and most windows here do not have this.


This is where we make a huge and immediate difference. We can apply a film with advanced heat reflective coatings and UV absorption. This makes for a very affordable retrofit to any glass that will upgrade its heat reflective properties to that of a new window.



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