The highest performing window tint in Naples, FL

On your next window film purchase consider these performance figures we collected directly from the manufacturer websites. We are also capable of testing film in different ways to confirm or deny these figures. Through this continued research we are able to provide you with the absolute best options. Not only do we use testing equipment, but we also put various films on our windows and live with each one for a few weeks. Its an ongoing process to understand everything that is available and what is truly the best.

The way the film is manufactured dramatically affects clarity, durability, reflection verses absorption of heat, and low angle haze. Just because a film is labeled "ceramic" does not mean it is a true pure construction. Many brands are adding various levels of additives to try and compete. Not many of these last or look nice.

VLT= Visible light Transmitted (how dark is the film)

TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected (total UV, Visible light, and Infrared energy rejected by the film)

                                                 VLT        TSER          


Huper Optik DREI                35%          70%  


Huper Optik Ceramic          35%          65%

Autobahn i3 Ceramic 33     33%           62%

XPEL XR Prime                     30%           58%


"Ceramic" competitor options

Llumar CTX 35                      38%          50% 


Formulaone Pinnacle 30    33%          57%


Suntek CXP 35                     33%           53%


Sun Gard GP Max 35           40%          40%


Flexfilms panaflex 35           37%          46%


SolarGard Ultra 30               34%          43%


3M Crystalline 40                 39%          60%


Global QDP Ceramic 30     32%          58%



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