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Window Tint for the bathroom

Attention new home owners and interior designers!

This is a fast growing part of our window tinting business. Having your shower replaced with a glass enclosure is now the future of bathroom design. Most shower door companies have a variety of privacy glass options that come at a steep price. Another drawback is the limited availability of patterns and styles for these applications. Not only does it significantly increase the cost, it may lead to longer lead times and more complicated installations.

Lets save you MONEY and aggravation!

Simplify your design to a plain and clear glass construction. Pick out great hardware, tile, and lighting for your bathroom. Already have these in place? Perfect. Now its time to call Naples Tint Company to finish the job!

We offer a complimentary in home consultation and provide you with more options than exist in the custom glass world at a fraction of the price. These amazing etched and frosted window films expand the interior design possibilities. Not only can we retrofit the whole glass, but we can custom cut the product to cover only certain areas. This gives you new avenues that would previously be impossible or extremely expensive to replicate. Another bonus, the film can be removed and replaced with something different rather easily!

So lets take a look at the great benefits our custom glass window films offer:

1. More options to choose from (various frost and etched effects)

2. Custom cutting (privacy where you need it, clear glass where you don't)

3. Not permanent (removable for future buyers or up-gradable for your future decor changes)

4. Affordable (a fraction of the cost compared to custom glass)

5. Fast and easy with no construction process

6. We work with many local renovation, design, and glass companies already. (experience that counts!)

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